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Patents and Translated Technologies

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  1. Durmus NG, Tekin HC, Tasoglu S, Ghiran I, Davis RW, Steinmetz LM, Demirci U, “System and Method for Cell Levitation and Monitoring”. (Licenced to Levitas, Inc.)
  2. Durmus NG, Baday M, Calamak S, Yang J, Chinnasamy T, Tocchio A, Davis RW, Steinmetz LM, Demirci U, “Sorting Biological and Non-Biological Moieties Using Magnetic Levitation”. (Licenced to Levitas, Inc.)
  3. Durmus NG, Mursaliyev N, Sebastiano V, Demirci U, “Densitometry-based sorting allows the selection of healthier embryos from obese mice”. (Stanford Docket number: S21-136).
  4. Ozen MO, Gupta R, Durmus NG, Garcia Marques FG, Pitteri S, Demirci U, “Isolation of Different Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Subpopulations”.  (US 2022/0118452 A1, published on April 24, 2022).

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