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PRECISION BIOSYSTEMS: Investigating rare biological materials to "decode" the fundamentals 

My research lies at the interface of biology, engineering, nanotechnology, and medicine. I develop and apply translational micro/nanotechnologies to study cellular heterogeneity and complex biological systems for single cell analysis and precision medicine.  At this unique nexus, I apply key biological principles to design engineering platforms. My research philosophy is to apply these platforms to fundamentally understand and address the mechanisms of disease (i.e., cancer, infections). I have demonstrated magnetic levitation of living cells and its application to detect minute differences in densities at the single-cell level. I apply this unique tool to perform ultra-sensitive density measurements, magnetic blueprinting, imaging, sorting and profiling of hundreds of cells and rare biological materials in seconds in real-time at a single-cell resolution. I have sorted rare circulating tumor markers and cells from patient whole blood using label-free levitation methods, which cut cross multiple disciplines of magnetics, microfluidics and molecular biology.

My passion is to bridge the gap between biology, engineering and nanotechnology; to develop simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use, yet, broadly applicable platforms that will change the way in which medicine is practiced as well as how patients are monitored, diagnosed and treated for precision medicine.